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Wanted: A RealHamster owner who is interested in participating in a video segment of Real Buggery, a nationally aired television special which will be filmed at the end of December or at the beginning of January. If you have had experience with RealHamster or any other buggering hamster and would be interested in showing off your sexual prowess, please call 555-162-4881 and leave your name, number and a good time to reach you. Those who have ordered their RealHamster and are awaiting delivery are welcome to call as well. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Abysmal unleashes its latest

Be sure to check out our newest hamster, Cadbury, featuring a new head type, Head 6. Cadbury is sure to become one of our most popular models…

PENTHUTCH creams over RealHamster!

It looks like a Penthutch pet and has the attitude of a Beastboy model.

In the July/August issue of Penthutch Hot Smut Magazine, Bruce Stoatjizzler writes a spiffing article about RealHamster. It will never snub you, bite you or dump you for a bit of carrot, and it only costs four thousand dollars. Behold, the RealHamster! Be sure to check it out!

Nick The Bugger plugs RealHamster

Best bugger I've ever had!

Soap actor Nick The Bugger buggered his RealHamster on the air. The star of Short 'n' straight said of his experience: 'Twas the best bugger I ever had, I swear! This RealHamster feels better than a real critter! It's fantastic! May the Great Horned One take away all my nipple clamps if I'm lying! It was unbelievably magnificent! Boomshanka, REALHAMSTER.COM!

Nick named his hamster Squick and appeared as a guest on the Holmes show, which saw a steep rise in ratings as a result. Squick has now become one of our best-selling hamsters.

The Sodomite's Beastshow