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Abysmal Derivations

Abysmal Derivations was founded by cybernetics engineer Blanc Mange, a.k.a. the Buggerer of hamsters.

Abysmal Derivations is dedicated to developing and providing the finest buggering hamsters money can buy. Our hamsters are cut from high quality fur fabric. Each RealHamster is over 7 inches long, weighs almost a pound, and can withstand over 200 lbs of thrust. Inside each RealHamster is a cybernetic skeleton and an embedded computer powered by a butane fuel cell. We use special formulations of kapok, fur fabric, № 8 wire, hot-melt glue and unique assembly processes for the RealHamster's ultra­realistic hamster-like qualities.

Just in case you're wondering, Abysmal Derivations is not a real company at all. It's a spoof of Abyss Creations, the creator of RealDoll.

To leave this silly site and visit RealDoll instead, follow this link:

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